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Prof. Rob EllimanProfessor Robert Elliman – Director


Rob Elliman is a Professor of Physics in the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU) and Director of Australian Facility for Advanced Ion Implantation Research (AFAiiR), Australian Heavy-Ion Accelerator Program.


His fields of research include: nanotechnology; semiconductor materials science and engineering; and ion-beam modification of materials, in which he has published over 300 papers and several book chapters. Rob has been actively engaged in independent scientific research for over 32 years, having completed his PhD in 1983.


He also has worked as a consultant/collaborator with several national and international companies, including: EpiTactix Pty Ltd; and Silanna; Samsung Pty Ltd., Varian Semiconductor Equipment Corporation and Applied Materials Inc.

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Dr Tom Ratcliff

Dr Tom Ratcliff – Facility Manager


Tom Ratcliff is the Facility Manager of the Australian Facility for Advanced ion implantation Research (AFAiiR) and a post-doctoral researcher in the Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University. He completed his PhD in 2015 on the topic of ion implantation as a method for fabricating high efficiency silicon solar cells.


His current areas of research include the ion beam modification of semiconductor materials, advanced doping techniques and the investigation of advanced electrical contacting regimes for silicon devices. Tom has a record of successful academic and industrial collaboration and is happy to field any enquiries about the facilities available and services provided by AFAiiR.


Tom commenced his new role as AFAiiR Facility Manager in January 2017.


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Thomas Kitchen

Mr Thomas Kitchen – Technical Officer


Thomas has a Fitting Machining Trade background and has completed an Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering at Canberra Institute of Technology. 


His role within the department is the maintenance, operation and development of the three particle accelerators and their required services.


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